Strange performance issue
Hello, I'm new here but have a strange issue.

most games seem to have a performance issue, my fps is showing at 50 and 60 respectively on pal/ntsc. Games im trying are, tekken tag, 4,5 and gt3.

GT3 seems to run very poorly, or looks as if it is, Tekken seems to run fine then show sever FPS issues then goes back to normal but all the counters i have running show a consistent framerate. I've tried the nightly builds too and same problems.

tried every configuration possible in the settings and it doesn't change the issue. 

Best way I can describe it is as if vsync is halfing the FPS. I've tried all combinations of vsync on and off, nvidia panel etc. I'm now at a total loss.

I've tried 6x native res in open GL and d3d11 hardware and the games run exactly the same as software or hardware native res. its not a performance issue.

Specs are

Ryzen 9 3900x stock
2060 Super factor OC.

I think this could possibly be a windows 10 issue with WDM vsync maybe?

What do you guys think, any suggestions. Thanks.

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Few questions.
1. Since it will be asked by others anyways, can you include a copy of the emulog.txt contents after one of the slowdowns occurs (please use the code tag, please ask if you don't know how to use the code tag)

2. Which version of PCSX2 are you using? If the answer is 1.4, then please try one of the latest git builds 1.4 is really old and has some issues with newer hardware.

3. What are the GS and EE % when the slowdowns occure, and if you use hardware monitoring software what is your CPU and GPU usage at that time as well?

4 since you are using Nvidia, make sure PCSX2.exe is in the per application setup and set to maximum performance since Nvidia cards do not like to see PCSX2 as an actual workload.

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