Strange permanent slowdown from changing ISO's
Hi there.
I was just running my Okami ISO perfect after fiddling with the settings somewhat. I had it at a stable 50-55 fps with the very occasional slowdown to 40 which really wasnt bothering me.

I tried another game after, and noticed the whole thing running extremely slow just booting up the PS2 logo. After attempting to boot this new iso, every ISO i now try and load is running at 10 - 20 fps and all my settings are the same as when Okami was running at full speed.

Any ideas about what has happened?

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i'm not sure... check your settings or restore them back to normal. if that doesn't work, just clear all of your settings. then try loading up any game you have. i had the same problem, only mine was going very fast... ^^'
What are your system specs first of all? Post your PCSX2 version as well, and any non default settings you have. If you have a processor with at least 3 cores use the latest SVN and enable the MTVU hack. Fast boot the games as well instead of full boot.
It is rather like setting refreshment everything (pcsx2 ,computer....)to test weather if is helpful.
If not ,try to reset virtual memory if it is enable(swap file may cause this issues too).

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