Strange problem with DBZ tenkaichi and ZeroGS
Hi all, pleased to join this community.
I love to play DBZ tenkaichi and I want to play on my PC also.
My config is:

Intel E8400 CPU
DFI P965-S Motherboard
ATI 4850 1Gb DDR3 VGA
4Gbyte DDR2 RAM
2xWD 400Gbyte RAID 0 HD

After some attempts I noticed that the latest ZeroGS is faster than GSDX890 for me, but I get a graphical problem that I'm not able to solve.
Here is the problem:


I'm trying anything on the advanced options, but the brighter zone on the screen is still present.
Please can someone help me?

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No one experienced the same problem or others with ZeroGS?

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