Strange thing with PAD plugin
First of all, it might seem this way but what I am going to write is not a joke. Also, I am not a noob so I know what I am talking about.

I use PCSX2 1.5.0 (2255) on Windows 7 with SCP drivers (original version) for DS3 with "LilyPad-Scp-r5875" PAD dll for native DS3 mode. Everything is configured and works as intended. And now here is a thing. I opened PCSX2 as always and I was greeted with a message that dll for PAD configuration is not a valid one. I had to choose original dll of lilypad for PAD. Strange thing I thought, as I havent done anything with configuration. I only periodically use newer version of PCSX2 which casues no problems, but at that moment no changes were made. Just nothing. The only thing that day I have done in Windows is to uninstall Skype (7.32 version to be exact). I tried and tried to fix it and gave up eventually - I used system restore that was auto done by Windows just before Skype uninstall. When it completed, dll PAD plugin started to work again. Thinking about the cause of the problem, at first I rejected the idea that uninstalling Skype could make thing like this. You could now think that some other change could happen in the system but it didnt. After some hours I opened PCSX2 and checked if dll still works after system restore - it worked as always. I restarted laptop and checked again - it works. I had no other idea how it could happen so I uninstalled Skype again and immediatelly opened PCSX2 after that. And of course PCSX2 tells me that plugin for PAD is incorrect. No matter how many times you check it, uninstalling Skype immediatelly causes this PAD plugin to be unrecognizable by PCSX2. I know it is not official plugin (but very popular), but how uninstalling Skype could cause thing like this? I am not asking if it could cause this problem. I know it causes this problem and it is a fact that I double checked. I am also not asking how to fix this plugin to work again, because it works all the time now only because I kept Skype on my computer.

How could it be explained?

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Ask it here:

The SCP version of the plugin probably has some other depency that gets deleted by uninstalling Skype.

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