Street Fighter Anthology
Hello people.

Ok, this is my first time wanting support here..
I played Ar Tonelico 1 and 2, also Mana Khemia 1 on full 100% FPS. However. Also played Street Fighter EX 3 (which is more 3d'd) with 80% FPS. I had problem with AT 1 + 2 so I just used the search buttons, but this time I just couldn't find help.

Seems LeSharK had this problem too. He posted two times under bug, however it's not an emulator bug [plugin one?]

Now I'm having trouble with this, too.
I have a Dual-Core 2.6ghz, 2gb ram, ATI Radeon 4830 512mb, so it SHOULD be running on fullspeed.

Problem: after selecting a game (its an anthology), PCSX2 drops FPS from 50 to 40...30..20..10 and under (can't breath......D:). From the forum, seems a plugin problem. *seems* to be playable* [it's on compatibility under 100%, derp!].
I've searched on forum w/ tags : "street fighter", "2d games" ["2d" doens't work FFFFFFUUUU - Didn't search capcom because SF EX 3 seems to be running fine]. Searched google too. Didn't find anything.

I did use rev 1888, pcsx2 0.9.6 and the new one (0.9.7).

um... help? and thanks. :)

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please post your pcsx2 settings & plugins settings
Quote:I have a Dual-Core 2.6ghz, 2gb ram, ATI Radeon 4830 512mb, so it SHOULD be running on fullspeed.
don't be so sure... Some games require more than 3.5 Ghz per core to run full speed
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1) First one I've used... rev 1888, which is the one I use for Mana Khemia / AT games.

2) Second I've used... only managed plugins though.

3) I then downloaded the new 3k - PCSX2 0.9.7 - revision... which should be working fine.

This is Street Fighter man! 2d game! I think even some PSX games are better than it o_O
And one more thing. I'm using a hell out of things like MSN, but I end up closing everything, from torrents to antivirus, when I'm playing. So no worries about that too.

4) Error

Just wanted to give a shot of what it is to have THIS low FPS + bugged BG. Also, thanks.
(01-20-2011, 06:38 PM)Muunae Wrote: This is Street Fighter man! 2d game! I think even some PSX games are better than it o_O

Maybe, however the engine of the game is not common, you could say the game is emulating PSX graphics and then you're running it inside another emulator. You shouldn't expect it to be easy to emulate just because it's 2d, I know 2d games that are slower than 3d ones and 3d games that are 4-5 times faster than another 3d one, you just never know what tricks the engine is using.

This game needs you to use a (Software) renderer in GSdx to fix graphics and get better speed, and if you want better speed with it you'll need to use frameskip (shift+f4 while playing in the latest beta) best set to 1/1 frameskip.
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@Shadow Lady
Got PCSX2 0.9.7 running w/ software renderer. Fixed graphics, got better speed, and I'm running on 100% without which seems the frameskip.

Thanks. I'd never use a software renderer.
someone pointed that:
Quote:SF Alpha: Anthology and VampireLaugharkstalkers Collection is using emulation.
The emulation is that the music and some voice samples isn't being ran on the Q-Sound/Z80 Emulator but with ADX in AFS archives this was to cut back down on the use of the processor.
i suspect it requires a hack or something, but since this is a very obscure title.. nobody is willing to fix it :<

the game this topic is about, works just dandy in the emulator.
do you get full 60fps? how?

GS hardware rendering has garbled image
GS software rendering is stuck @ ~40 fps (when i can run far more complex games @ full 60 fps)
do not enable progressive scan when the game starts
do not use multiple software threads in gsdx
it doesn't work.

the intro game selection is running rock solid 60 fps:

once i launch any game it instantly drops to ~40fps (even if it's just static text screens):

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