Street Fighter EX3 Help
What is the best config to have this at full speed on my computer?

I'm sure I've seen youtube videos of lower spec pcs running it fine.
I've tried my original pal version disc but I cant get it to run fast enough.

Core 2 Duo @ 2.5Ghz (can overclock if needed)
4GB Ram
Geforce GTS 250

using a 0.9.9 svn?

Thank you.

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You should get full speed IMO if you use average speedhacks ...
You can try the mtvu hack and also try the native resolution in gsdx
Intel core i5 3210m @3.1ghz
Nvidia Geforce GT650m 2Gb DDR5 (Core:975mhz/Memory:1000mhz)Cool
8Gb DDR3 1600hmz Ram
1Tb Hdd
1600x900 Hd resolutionBiggrin
Windows 8.1 64bit
We already know you pirated an NTSC version of the game. ReVOkED!

Warez talk is prohibited and frowned upon, to prevent legal issues. You may not post links or refer to any kind of BIOS, ROM, ISO, Game that has been illegally obtained or shared.
If any post like that is found, the thread containing it will be closed and further support will be revoked.
I dont know how you got away without a warning but here, have one.

Don't ask for help on these forums again please.

Thank you
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