Street Fighter EX3 black screen only on NTSC-J version
There's no real issues playing the NTSC-U version other than missing physics/skirts, but the NTSC-J version won't even start. It's just a black screen. As far as I can see this issue has been around for a long while but I wasn't able to find a solution. I've attached the log if it helps

Things I've tried with no success:
- Disabling all cheats/hacks
- Software and hardware mode
- Fast boot and full boot
- Booting from ISO, elf, and plugin
- Changing file and folder names/locations

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You could try re-ripping the iso. The only oddity i see is the hotswapping to iso crc. or setting the vu/ee to interpreter to see if it will boot (however slowly)
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Sadly interpreter modes don't help, and I've tried every graphics plugin including null. The rip itself is redump verified so there's no errors on that end

At this point I'm out of options but I hope this can be looked into sometime. If anyone needs additional info just let me know
Then it's probably one of the games that still don't work on pcsx2.

Just checked the compatibility list. The Ntsc-J version isn't even on there. so its never been tested which means no-one realized it wasnt working.
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We know this problem and also know what's causing this problem. May be in near future it will be resolved, but can't promise right now. Smile

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