Street Fighter EX3 missing effects

GSdx32-SSE4 Graphic settings

Some in-game effects like D.Dark's moves don't emit explosions, they are however present in Software mode. Is there a way to make them show in Hardware mode?

I also get this error message in the log when I performed the moves.
Quote:Vertex Trace: float overflow detected ! min 3.402823e+38 max 3.402823e+38

Video of problem in action

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even in 1.7.0 latest build?
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Just tried 1.7.0 dev build, PCSX2 crashes when renderer is set to Direct3D 11 but OpenGL works.

So far the small bomb's explosion is still invisible but the super version's explosion pillar is now shown:

[Image: BwVnZhk.png]

error message "Vertex Trace: float overflow detected ! min 3.402823e+38 max 3.402823e+38" mentioned in the log.

There's still other supers not shown in Hardware mode like Guile's Sonic Boom Typhoon
What other effects are missing? I already fixed Guile special move, and D.D. small bomb, plus few others that use similar runtime. But it will be good if someone can list broke effects here. 

3 days before 8 months post limit.
[Image: 789a14ed2f16679727ac3e3880093022.jpg]

Edit: Patches added here
Good if someone more familiar with this title can test that everything work fine, and nothing is broken.
(05-07-2021, 11:03 AM)kozarovv Wrote: Que outros efeitos faltam? Eu já consertei o movimento especial do Guile e a pequena bomba DD, além de alguns outros que usam tempo de execução semelhante. Mas será bom se alguém puder listar os efeitos de quebra aqui. 

Hello everyone! I am really willing to help you identify all the effects that are missing from the game! If that helps those who have the knowledge to make them work perfectly within the game. I'm going to get into game training and have a look at you!

I just need you to tell me where I should include these patch codes that you posted on this link ""

I am very familiar with this game, I can work to make notes of what is invisible in hardware mode!
put the patches in the "cheats" folder and enable cheats.
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(05-08-2021, 04:04 PM)jesalvein Wrote: put the patches in the "cheats" folder  and enable cheats.

I'll do it, thank you very much!
Oh my god, it works!

crc = 72B3802A
patch = 1, EE, 002e3788, word, 24190010
patch = 1, EE, 002e379c, word, f88a0000
patch = 1, EE, 002e37a0, word, 03e00008
patch = 1, EE, 002e37a4, word, a099000f

I still need to take a closer look but all the Guile and D.Dark movements are perfect!

Thank you Jesalvein and thank you very much kozarovv!

All previously invisible projectile effects appear perfectly now! Laugh

[Image: Captura-de-Tela-799.png]

I plan to share any news here very soon!
[Image: 123541253245.png]

I would really like to use this improvement.

Could someone take a look at the 'print' and tell me if I am creating the file correctly?
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