Street Fighter EX3 plugin problem
Hello there everybody.

Whenever I run EX3 I get this weird clipping mirror effect in the bottom half of the screen.
This happens is DX9 and DX10 hardware mode.
Doesn't happen in software mode.
*Only happens in EX3*

I have a GTS 250.

This has been a problem of mine in any version of windows and any version of pcsx2 I have run.

Attached is a picture.

Thank you for any help.

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Must be a gsdx bug.Use the software mode for now but i doubt you'll get playable speed unless you own a i7 .
Better post this in the bug reporting section.Thank you Smile
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Bug reporting dection id just for core bugs.
Which means if software mode runs ok, it's not a valid bug report.

Moved to plugins discussion, btw...
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