Stretched text in FFXII International
Any hack or settings that could possibly fix the stretched out font when playing in widescreen mode?

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just. no. this game isn't programmed to do widescreen natively.

btw. does it matter that much? you can still read it. or not? Wink
Yeah figured as much... it would probably require messing around with the game itself huh? I want to get rid of the black borders but to me stretched out text is just as bad as stretched out image
Are you using the in-game widescreen option?
That's the way it is, unfortunately.

The in-game widescreen option corrects the aspect ratio of the camera, for both gameplay and cutscenes, and corrects FMV playback, but does nothing at all for any of the "user interface" stuff.

I got used to it after a while, but then again I've never played with Japanese text.

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