Struggling to make MGS3 work better
Hi! I have spent a few hours reading through a few MGS3 thereads and nothing seemed to fix the issue for me.

The game runs slower than needed, I have tried different plugins and settings and there is a setup that works alright but the game is still slow (especially after trying MGS2 on the emulator and it works fine, with some cutscenes slowing down at times but the gameplay is good) and it lags at times, for example with areas with a lot of grass, water or flowers.

I have set the resolution to Native, used the speedhacks, tried the hardware or the software (the colours and the lighting are just like they should be with software but it either slows the game or doesn't affect it much).

I would like an advice whether I should maybe accept the fact it works like that, because my video card isn't the strongest gaming card, the game is playable but it is slower than needed - or there's something I can do. 

My PC specs are:

Intel i5 4590 @ 3.30 GHz

8 Gb DDR3

Nvidia GeForce 640 2 Gb

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What version are you using? I recommend latest 1.5.0 git along with OpenGL render.
On native resolution and in software mode your system should definitely be able to play the game at or near full speed. Try lightningterror's suggestion and don't change any other settings from default.
I was using PCSX2 1.2.1 . I downloaded the new version, the game really runs way better now but there are a few issues:

1) OpenGL doesn't work (I guess I should try to update the video card drivers and see how it will be)
2) Software slows the game a lot while using Direct3D11.

Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. Smile
Also using Async mix mode in SPU2X helps for cutscenes and does not break this particuliar game. (in old revs for sure)
Thanks, applied it. I tried the OpenGL and the game runs well on Hardware with wrong colours, but slow on Software. Is there any advice on this?

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