Struggling with my frame rate
I've been having troubles keeping a steady frame rate on Suikoden 3 and 4 (I also loaded up FF12 to test as I used to run this on an older version of pcsx2 on my machine with no frame rate issues).

To start of my system is:
Operating System: windows 7 64bit
Processor: intel i7 2.67 ghz
Ram: 6 gb Ram
Graphics: MSI N570GTX Twin Frozr III

I just updated to pcsx2 1.0 yesterday, although my issue is still present and seems to be unnaffected by the update. I've gone through the setup guide on the website, as well as tried watching a couple of youtube setup guides and the problem continues. Any help/suggestions with my issue would be much appreciated.

I'm not at my home computer at the moment, so I can't get screenshots of my current settings, but I have setup everything as the startup guide recommends (Including using dx11 hardware setting on the plugins config).

PS. One seemingly significant difference between the current version of pcsx2 and the one that I had previously run ff12 on without any issues is that I had used daemon tools to mount my iso in a virtual drive, and ran the game from that. Is there a chance that this performed better than the current pcsx2 in built in handler?

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Generally like to avoid self bumping, but still struggling with getting any games to work properly. They oscillate between 40 and 60 fps, regardless of the settings i've changes.
My only guess is you're experiencing the same issue with this guy:
So try and install this one:
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thanks, trying it now.

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