Stuck on start menu in Street Racing Syndicate

I'm having a problem trying to play the game "Street Racing Syndicate." The game was working fine for me the previous day, but now when I load it up I cannot get past the game's menu. The buttons seem to work as I am able to skip through the opening sequence, and I can move the selector cursor up and down on the menu, but I cannot actually start or continue a game. The game simply doesn't respond when I try to click on the items. I am using a gamepad with the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod driver. It works just fine in most of my other games, but this game and Black seem to be having some issues with it (possibly related)

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OK Turns out this was caused by a bug in the SSSPSX Pad Pressure Mod driver. I was able to fix it by switching to Lilypad, which I had previously thought didn't work with my gamepad because I hadn't configured it correct. See my post here for details:

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