Stuff that PCSX2 r3878 fixes for you
I haven't tested everything yet but I'm very happy that two games that had problems before run flawlessly now (so far at least):
1) Bleach Blade Battlers: No longer freezes at Bankai
2) Gundam Seed Destiny Rengou vs Zaft II (and similar): The ugly bug where the behind-cam locks up for the rest of the round no longer happens.

Also rogue galaxy used to crash frequently before - not so much now, but I can't say for sure until I test it more.

Now the only thing I wanna nag about ( Biggrin ) is the memory card gui - why can't I choose memory cards like before? I have a separate memory card file for each game I play. Not easy to use with new system.

Regardless, thanks to dev team for their commitment, hard work, and awesomeness in general. I love you all.

So what about you? What games in your libraries run better than before bug-wise?

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FFX-2 intro is now running almost without any slowdows in SW mode. HW mode is still broken (cutscenes only), but no CPU OC is needed anymore.
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Does FF 10 and 12 have slowness?
Dawn of Mana now has background music. Unlimited Saga goes from menus to playable.
Summoner 2 is playable. Soul Calibur SPS are fixed. Sega Superstar Tennis, Destruction Derby and some other
Path 3 problematic games are all fixed. And etc, etc Tongue2
Awesome release Smile
(10-10-2010, 02:07 PM)darkbluedestiny Wrote: 1) Bleach Blade Battlers: No longer freezes at Bankai
At least not for me in Blade Battlers 2. I tried with 3 or 4 characters, without speedhacks, and even clamp at full and software mode, but the game still freezes.
What are your settings for that game?
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You must be using an unrecognized version of the game. Enable gamefixes manually and tick the OPH hack.
The first Summoner no longer freezes when you attempt to open the menu in-game.
Also it gets by the first talking bit So you can actually get somewhere in the game in Summoner.

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