Stuff that r3878 breaks for you?
I try to come up with a major bug report to support the dev team. I have a lot of games so i want to get an idea of what is broken to file in a proper bug report.
However I never tried R3113 for the lack of antialiasing support so statements are based on R2869.

-Tekken Tag PAL and Tekken 4 PAL boot to blackscreen
- Missing AA support of course
- Metal Gear Solid 2 now is somewhat broken:
Though the game runs fine it has major hit detection issues that prevent you from aiming accurately. Bullets that pop out of an enemies guns no longer fall to the ground but keep floating in mid-air...
Will try others later.
Cheers to the dev team!

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Do we really need multiple threads for changes in r3878?

Use either or the main thread for the new beta...
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