Hi all, brand new to the forum here so i hope i'm posting in the correct place.
So im sure most who you who have tried running stuntman are very well aware that the a.i is broke making it impossible to pass certain levels.
Now i made a slight bit of progress but not a fix and was wondering if anyone has ever found a way to fix the a.i issue.
In a nutshell Level 4 would usually see the a.i car hit a fence thus breaking the game, after some tinkering i managed to get the a.i car to get past the fence without crashing but it would then crash at the next corner before entering the warehouse. A bit more tinkering and i can now get the a.i car in and through the otherside of the warehouse but it will crash again on the next corner and that is where i am stuck. Im using the latest git hub build version as of this message ( V1.5.0 rev b198041) im running on a i7-4770k 3.50ghz with 16gb of ram and gtx 970.
Emulation settings wise i turned on mtvu under the speed hacks menu, in the ee/iop tab i have round mode set to nearest and clamping set to full, and under the vu's tab i have rounding set to positive and clamping set to extra+preserve sign. Everything else was left to default. Sorry for the long post but im hoping this may perhaps help someone get closer to a fix for this game than i got as im now all out of ideas  Sad 


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