Stuntman still has bad AI
On some levels with chases the AI will either stop working take a turn early or do something else. i know this is an old subject but even i have no idea on a fix

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This game requires more accurate CPU emulation. It's probably akin to replays recorded on PCSX2 not working on console, as they rely on the physics being exactly the same. What eventually solved problems like this in Dolphin was someone going through the processor and writing a ton of hardware tests to see how each instruction responds to every possible input. You can narrow it down by seeing what instructions the game is commonly uses, but, if someone had enough time it'd be best to just test them all.

in Dolphin, magumagu did this and made a software interpreter - it was extremely slow (much slower than a regular interpreter,) but allowed him to very, very accurately emulate various CPU rounding behaviors and see what games were fixed by not having inaccuracies. I don't know if PCSX2 has the capabilities to fallback individual instructions, but, if it did you could test the game with only a few instructions disabled and maybe still get somewhat playable speeds.

Don't get your hopes up - this is a tremendous amount of work, and even someone immensely talented person would still need to have experience and knowledge in several very different areas to pull it off.
i guess that does make sense cause with replays with and without a cheat super acceleration the replays have different things
Try some Clamping/round mode value and see if that help.

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