Stupid questions
I help people around here with issues but I have some seriously dumb questions to ask.

Question 1: What does EE, GS, VU1, and UI actually mean and what are their jobs in emulations

Question 2: What is the difference in checking a box and filling a box? Such as allow 8 bit textures?

Think I would know these since I have been using this emulator for many years.
CPU - AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT
RAM - 32 Gigs DDR4
HDD - To many to note. NVEM, SSD and HDD
GPU - Nvidia GTX 1070
OS- Windows 10


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EE, GS, VU's are PS2 chips UI is just user interface;p, each of them show threads running on the cpu during emulation and their % core usage(GS is a PS2 graphic chip, but even in HW rendering mode it still has to use CPU for some work and only that is displayed also in software mode I guess only main thread % is displayed, ie it doesn't show those extra rendering threads which can be set in gsdx config at all). We typically ask for it when someone has lags and it's unsure how to help him because if any of them hits 100% you're limited by your cpu, if none does that, we can safely guess it's a gpu limitation.

Checkbox can take 1 out of 3 different states which are differently named depending on person, clear/unchecked, checked, filled/colored/grayed(colors depends on the OS;p), the last one is simply used for extra options when needed and it all depends on coder's choice. Allow 8 bit textures doesn't have anything extra, just ON/OFF, but for example texture filtering can either be disabled, enabled on all surfaces or with colored checkbox enabled only in a way it should work on PS2. There's no best setting for that, depends on the game and personal choice, typically fully checked gives less unfiltered pixels and is preffered by those who hate pixels, but ocassionally for example in DBZ:BT2 it totally glitches out the textures coordinates effectively glitching out the graphics, some even turn it off when have very weak gpu or simply when the game is one of those old 2D games ported from weaker/older consoles and filtering blurrs it too much.

You can generally find alot of extra info in official PCSX2 guide, that's exactly why it's soo scarry overgrown;p.

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