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Successfully used HDLoader and OPL to play a game in PCSX2
This is an experiment that I've wanted to do for a while, however PCSX2 was never able to load most homebrew required.  However, I noticed that many plugin features have been implemented directly into the emulator, including HDD support.  So I fired up uLaunchELF and formatted an HDD file.  I then successfully ripped an ISO as if it was a disc using HDLoader which surprisingly works perfectly, it used to not load at all.  I then fired up OPL which also surprisingly works.  It saw the game I installed using HDLoader... and it works!  While it's completely pointless, I can now play games on PCSX2 while having the "No Disc" option selected.  I recorded the whole process if anyone wanted to see it.

I just wanted to share this test to show how PCSX2 is getting more and more accurate.

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the advantage of using this is:
"one step boot,game selection on screen"
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You can run Magicgate / kelf with PCSX2 also but you need to decrypt them first,
I had FMCB v1.8c & the DVD Player from erom working a few years back.
I forget the whole process, I tried recently patching a HDD Utility disc with ATAD patches & decrypted KELF with
KELFTOOL & PAKer Utility v1.01


INSTALL.PAK contains

but all I got was black screen & error saying the loaded ELF was multiregion.

[MG] hcode=0 cnum=0 a2=0 length=0xFFFF
[MG] ELF_size=0xFFFFFFFF Hdr_size=0xFFFF unk=0xFFFF flags=0xFFFF count=65535 zones=JapanUSAEuropeOceaniaAsiaRussiaChinaMexico

instead of

[MG] hcode=0 cnum=0 a2=0 length=0x1A0
[MG] ELF_size=0x5370 Hdr_size=0x1A0 unk=0x100 flags=0x22C count=0 zones=USA
[MG] ERROR - Make sure the file is already decrypted!!!

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