Sudden drops in performance
Ok, so basically I've had pcsx2 for about two weeks now, and up until this point it's been working amazingly. but today when I booted up my laptop it wasnt working as well, as now it has major fps lag in any intense moments (for example in the title screen it runs at an even 60 but during an animated cut scene and gameplay it goes down to about 30-40) and as I said this was super sudden, it worked amazingly up until today. Please help me out i've put way too much time into the games I have to start over.
Also I'm unsure of my specs as I purchased and didn't build my current laptop(Lame I know, i'm working on it) but all I know is it's not necessarily terrible as it is an Alienware, specifically the Mx14R2 from 2012 I believe 
In cutscene
in title screen

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are you in high performance for your power settings?
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(03-04-2016, 02:39 AM)Nobbs66 Wrote: are you in high performance for your power settings?

Yeah I thought it was that at first too but sadly im in high performance
Do you have Anti-Virus installed?

Open task manager and check your disk usage when it lags
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