Sudden speed drop after a week of 100% play
I am running with:

Intel i5-4690k
GTX 660ti

I've been playing .hack GU//Rebirth for about 17 hours and have not seen the speed drop below 100% the entire time.  Last night, on a map I've been on every day, my speed dropped to 60-70% for a minute, then began to drop as low as 40%.  I closed the emulator, restarted PC, and reloaded my game, once from savestate and once from in-game save with the same issue.  I have not changed a single setting since I began playing the game, as far as I know there is no reason for the drop.  I tried reinstalling PCSX2 and ran a few other games, which gets me 100% for about 1-3 minutes, before the drop to 60% occurs again.

Any ideas?  Thank you in advance to anyone who can help. ^_^

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Maybe windows is trying to download and install updates or some other program doing something similar.

I sometimes notest some speed drop(not just on pcsx2)and then after a little time a popup appear saying the windows defended has done his annoying periodic scan
Has your computer updated recently? If so, check the power plan.. I know.. shouldnt be an issue.
Is your cooling clogged up with dust or is the cpu fan not working as well as it should?

Your proc is definitely up to the task, as is your video card.. Are you running some high multiplier on your internal rez? If so, drop it down to four and see if you're still good.. Frame rates are pretty much tied to cpu, but gpu can cause drops if it's throttling for some reason.. so check the fans/cooling there too.

Also, I'd go with a re-install of the vid drivers just in case.
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Thanks to Scythefwd and Vsub for their suggestions! Turns out it was partly my fault. While trying to find the correct Molex adapter cable last week for my ThermalTake C22 RGB case lights, it seems that I loosened a locking pin on my CPU heatsink/fan. Over the course of the week the vibrations must have loosened it more, causing it to lean down, separating from the CPU. This is my first PC build but I would imagine that's not a great thing. =^_^= Remounted the pin and everything is back to normal after extended play, zero flux from 100% speed.

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