Suggest some games for my config
I never knew there existed a PS2 emulator. But then again i wasn't looking for one..

Anyways, here my config

AMD 4000+ X2
ati x1200 integrated

not the best i know...Closedeyes .
Can someone suggest any ps2 games that would run nicely on this using the pcsx2 emulator ? Looking for any (non-fps) PS2 exclusive game


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with that graphics card and cpu im afraid you will probably be limited to 2d games, such as the NIS America games (Disgaea, Makai Kingdom etc), Overclocking the CPU may help, but that graphics card is going to be a major drag factor.
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Thats a dual core with 2.1 Ghz right? I don't think you will be playing any decent stuff with pcsx2, not even with speed hacks. BUT if you OC that a bit to at least 2.5ghz you might be able to enjoy various games... Here's a thread with some "easy playable games"
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oh ok then, guess I'll stick to PC games..
thanks anyway

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