Suggested settings for my laptop?
Hey guys, just wondering what you'd use as settings if you were me.

Intel i7 2.4GHZ Quad-core
nVIDIA GeForce 310M

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Well first off, I'd definately rather have a desktop pc than a laptop.
But the ram is very good, and I don't even think pcsx2 is ram intensive, but cpu intensive anyhow.
I would aim for 3.0Ghz to get playable speeds in most games. As for that nVIDIA GeForce 310M I'm not too sure about that
Use gsdx 4.1 and turn on native. Use recomended speedhacks.Put ee cycle or 2.

All settings depend on games.
Uh, laptops no longer trail desktops much, unless price is a consideration. I bet my DRX Falcon will stomp most regular gaming desktops handily.

As Game said, settings are quite often game-specific; what works for one will possibly not give the best results for another. You're best served by searching this forum for threads dealing with that game, looking at the wiki, or just giving it a go yourself. Why don't you just try the default settings? You may be pleasantly surprised. I barely touch my emu settings too, and usually only for game-specific issues.
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