I've noticed that sometimes pcsx2 has trouble playing a game via it's image but not when it's the actual disk, I've been trying different apps for getting the image to work and found that Virtual CloneDrive seems to work best for getting round this problem, so I thought I'd mention it in the forums as something people could try. Incedently I comboed it with an app called ImgBurn and they both work on windows 7 (which I'm currently running).

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True, there are games that are not playable via the iso loader, hence you're going to need to use the cdvdrom plugins and use a virtual cd/dvdrom emulator. Probably the only downside of using such methods is that virtual cdrom devices emulate such functions by creating a software-based scsi controller chip, which would require the cpu to allocate some timeslice for virtualdrv transfers which could have been used by pcsx2 instead.
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Agreed, however I just thought I'd mention it for those who have a high enough system spec to use this method. Since I got a AMD Athlon II Quad Core coupled with a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 Graphics Card and DirectX11 I can't comment on how it effects the FPS because I have to have put Limit on just to play normally. Also by using this method I was finally able to play ff12 - I didn't realize the hanging was being caused by direct reads to the cdimage.

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