Suggestion: Hack/Setting Game Databases
I was thinking, why not implement a database of problematic games in PCSX2?

Say, MTVU has its own list of games that don't work with it, for example:

X-Men Legends 2
Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monster Coliseum

If each hack had a database with the games that cannot work with it, there'd likely be less of an income of people asking why their game doesn't work properly.
Kinda like the automatic game-fixes, except you're turning off problematic hacks or turning on essential settings given the game's CRC using an override system (so you don't actually overwrite the user's configuration).

I don't know why such an idea hasn't been followed before, but i thought i'd let it here for people to discuss Tongue

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that's sadly pointless. my i3 has no issues with Any game, speedhacks or not. So noticing any hacks work or not? not going to happen
There already are hacks applied to certain games automatically. As for turning them off... since those have to be manually applied, it would defeat the purpose of having the options even be available to the user. If someone manually turns on a hack, there (in theory) should be a good reason for it, PCSX2 shouldn't be over riding user controls.

Yes, doing that method would make for a more user friendly experience, but PCSX2 isn't at the point yet where it's really designed for that ease of use. There are a lot of hacks which were designed with a specific game in mind, but may work in others... until PCSX2 is more "baked" (those hacks are also being tested, tweaked, removed, altered, etc fairly often) it's best (imo of course) to keep the course.
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There's already a database which is used to force certain values for games which require it and are otherwise broken (like rounding mode etc). It's the GameIndex.dbf file at the same folder as PCSX2.exe, and it's updated whenever there's such new info. You can open it in a text editor and see for yourself how it works. These configs are forced when "Automatic gamefixes" is checked at the System menu (so changing the UI of that specific config doesn't actually affect the game, since its config is forced from the DB).

IIRC it doesn't have the ability to force MTVU mode, but it does allow to enforce values of most configs which can break games.

However, it's not practical to check every config option (or combination of such) against all games which PCSX2 can run, and also games might require today some config to work properly, but tomorrow it might not be the case anymore, and vice verse. So we try to use it only when really neccessary, and put into the DB only stuff which fixes certain games at the default config (hence enforcing some non-default value which is known to fix it).

However, if you have specific knowledge of some games which require certain config values (typically non-default config value), you can post it at the forum and we'll try to incorporate it into the DB.

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