[Suggestion] Multiple config loading for separate games?
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Well, I can't do advanced C++ but I wanted to help the project by tinkering with the GUI and improving it by adding a combo where you would "Import" and "Export" configs (also creating, editing and deleting them) which would be more like creating a sub-folder in the "inis" folder for each "config" you have. So for example, you can have a set of configs (with speedhacks, gsdx, sound, and specific plugins) for a game, and another set of configs for another game.

I find it really useful now that I'm using this emulator constantly, and it's a pain in the you-know-what to switch configs and settings for each game I want to play, and swapping INIs manually kind of sucks.

However, I read there is going to be a new GUI in the newer BETA releases. Is this feature already planned or going to be added in the new GUI, or am I free to download the source and add it? or should I wait until the new BETA release with the new GUI?

Thanks for the answers in advance Smile, and keep it up! looking forward to test the BETA when it finishes downloading, yay! Laugh
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yup, it may be minor thing but profiles ( and hotkeys for next/previous profile to fasten things even more ) would be nice addition, and im sure its not much work to do Tongue i probably could even do it myself in 1 day ;p. Hmmm i think i might just do that Tongue But since im not dev there is no point of sharing cause i would have to implement it in each new version that comes out ;p
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You are all free to contribute any code changes/improvements to the emulator. That's why it's open source, so that more people can contribute their work. These kind of features are very low priority at this time, since there are tons of bugs and unemulated things still that take precedence over the rest
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