Suggestion about beta playground discussion
Dear moderator, first i thanks to you all to your great work for pcsx2 playground. I hope that will be better day after day. If be permitted to me, i hope members in this forum have to discuss with beta bugs with a latest beta which is be present in this forum, not to discuss with others third party please and we hope a latest beta will be download at that thread by the day.
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I am afraid I do not understand what you are saying.

We have betas here, provided once/twice a week. And you can discuss about them as much as you want, and you are in fact encouraged to report bugs if you find them.

And also, if you want to you can compile the latest svn revision and submit bug reports. We accept those bug reports, we simply do not offer support for third party builds for obvious reasons of security and because we can't know what they changed, and so you should not post about those hacked/modified builds you can find out there.

Or did you mean you'd like the beta to be daily? Sorry, not going to happen soon I'd say. First, most commits are quite invisible to the end user,and as such an update would be quite useless. And second, wedo test a little to make sure we're not releasng to the public completely borked revisions, and so you'll get betas once/twice a week. I assure you, it's morethan enoguh to have almost all the new things, and of those, all of the significative ones.
if u want more oftern updated svn builds check here <REMOVED>
You need to read the policy. We do not allow external linkiing and we do not offer support for third party builds.
is just compiled is that wrong?
It may be that it's just a compile. But it may also not be.

I wrote it in my first post. And it's written in the policy. But whatever, I'll say it once again, in full details. As said, we do not allow external linking. A few reasons...
- We do not know if third party builds are just compiled or modified. We are not interested to test whether they are or not. We have better ways to spend our times, like coding and testing
- We have no way to guarantee the safety of those files. They could contain malware for all we know, we do not want to take the risk
- We have no interest in supporting third party builds, which may be hacked and may lead to erroneous bug reports. The devs do not have the time to follow imaginary bug reports.

And last but not least, we are now offering betas, once or twice a week. Basically, I'll put one up when there's some visible change for users, if they are stable. And I assure you, I generally know if they are stable better than other people on the net, since I do read all the dev talks.

So for normal users, there is really no reason at all to download some other build off the net. And if you're interested in serious beta testing for hunting and reporting bugs, you should compile yourself anyway, compiling is nowadays a matter of 3 clicks. Load the solution, hit build. Close visual studio.
k sry
There's no need for you to say sorry. I just wanted to point out clearly why we do not allow them. It's an unneeded complication (and loss of time) for us and it's not useful for the normal user.

Those external compiles had a reason to exist back when we did not have our own site, much less a beta program. Nowadays they frankly have little meaning.

As for modified versions, the emulator is open source, it follows the GNU General Public License v2. If people want to take it, modify it and compile it they can provided they still follow the GNU General Public License v2. But we will not support those modified versions, they can open their own forum if they want.....

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