Suggestion for LilyPad input plugin
Add a hotkey to swap through 2 sets of bindings, as in profiles.
It would work like this: 

Let's say, you want to play a stealth game like Splinter Cell that requiers slow movement or any game that you might have to walk slow. You create one set of bindings that will be for walking fast/running, so you set the sensivitiy of the left analog stick to 1.000 or 1.200. And you make another set of bindings for walking slow, so you set the sensivity to 0.922. The keys that the left analog stick are bound to are WASD. To swap between profiles, press something unused in PCSX like 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 numbers. Each number corresponds to a profile, so if the RUN/WALK FAST profile is set to hotkey 1, you're going to switch to profile 1, if you're already there, you will stay there. So you set walk fast/run profile on 1, you set the slow profile on 2. 

Bindings/profile #1 = PCSX2/Inis/ = RUN/WALK FAST PROFILE.LILY bound to hotkey 1
Bindings/profile #2 = PCSX2/inis/ = SLOW.lily bound to hotkey 2

And like this, it will promote keyboard & mouse.

Sorry if I annoy somebody cause I didn't post this in the Emu suggestions important thread, but that thread looks dead to me and it's sorted from oldest to newest so it's kinda pointless.

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