Suggestions and Requests for PCSX2
1. Option to Automatically Backup Configurations in Documents folder [with Revision in the Name]
To prevent ReConfiguring PCSX2 for Every SVN

2. Option to Import Latest Settings from Documents Folder
To Import Settings that Saved before in the Documents folder Without Changing them [Just with one click]
To Prevent Reconfiguring Every Option for Every Version (for Ex.: Bios Folder)

3. Option to Automatically Backup Plugins [with Revision in the Name] in the Specified Folder
To have a Backup of All Plugins in one folder for Later use (Specially for Testing different Versions of Plugin with Different Versions of Emulator)

4. Option to Switch between Backup Plugins Folder and Original Plugins Folder
To Easily switch Between Backup Plugins (Old and New Plugins) and Original Plugins (Plugins that have been included in the Emulator Package)

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linked this to someone else about an hour ago, keep it there please.
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