Suikoden 3 graphic glitch
ok so im running the new sept 20th beta release r1888 and ive got the game running at good speed, but im wondering if theres anyway to get the overlapping graphic glitch effect on things like the hair and grass to go away.

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I played some time ago and didn't see any graphic glitch, can you post some pics?
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I uploaded a video of it to show you best. Keep in mind the frame rate is drastically reduced when you record so dont mind that.
Look at the way the barrel on the left side graphically glitches as my character moves around. This happens all over the place around doorways and characters hair and clothes, I would have recorded it in a larger area but the framerates when recording anywhere but inside were horrible. I have a good amount of speedhacks turned on atm but even before I started turning them on for the speed boosts it was doing this.

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I did another to try and show it in a bigger scale. Watch towards the end the barrel with the green herb or something in it, one step you see it inside the barrel the next step its outside of it.

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Uhm, do you have logarithmic Z in GSdx enabled? I dont get those problems in DX10 as far as I remember... it could be a DX9 problem.
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Wow, that's pretty hacked up. I bet you have every speedhack on max in this one. Just a reminder: The game WILL crash with those settings at a few points.

The graphic glitch is a z-buffer one, as Shadow Lady said. Use dx10 mode if you can, or enable (disable) the log-z option in GSdx.
hahaha yeahh I have quite a few speedhacks on. I save a LOT tho so ill be ok, Im tellin ya tho it runs a lotttt better when im not tryna record a video with camtasia. I get about 50-60 fps without turning really any speedhacks on but the idea is to run through the game at about 100fps, it was a pretty slow moving game originally, having it move fast helps a lot.

Anyway the Logarithmic Z was turned off, turning it on seemed to do the trick! It even runs a ***** faster in towns and such! Thank you very much this game now runs great and looks perfect!

Oh yeah and Rama, If you played the game do you remember at what points it crashes? are they specific spots or does sometimes it jus screw up like in between areas?
Nope, I didn't play it yet (way too slow running for my taste Wink ).
But a few forum members posted about this game hanging when speedhacks are used.
Try forum search, you should find them.
yeahh the game even at 80-90 fps is a lil slow for me, haha. But im such a fan of the Suikoden series, I dont wanna leave it unbeaten. It put me to sleep so many times when I played it on PS2, I dont understand how according to gamespot its the number 2 RPG next to FFX ever made for Ps2, scoring even higher than Persona 4.
Doesn't matter, the best RPG ever is still Grandia 1 and Chrono Cross.
Suikoden 1 and 2 are more fun to play than 3.
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I defly agree 1 and 2 are much better than 3. If you like them you should check out 5 if you havent already it really gets back to the roots, feels more like a Suikoden than 3 and 4 did. Chrono Cross is really shaky in my book. I think I like it more now than when I played it on my PS1. I played it then expecting chrono trigger 2 and it just didnt stack up, the whole fake world thing really bugged me. Chrono Trigger had an epic feel to it Chrono Cross seemed to lack. Grandia 1 I played and beat on ps1, but I could never seem to bring myself to play through it again on an emulator.

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