Suikoden 3 graphic glitch
They both have great Story, no random encounters, Chrono Cross has more playable characters than any RPG ( probably ) and has non linear story lots of twist and turns, best battle system Grandia ( because you have movement, time to select action and do action), best magic system Chrono Cross, magic evolution Grandia, ultra specials and weapons Chrono Cross, both are epic with aliens, archeology, Walls to the sky, Dragons, mermaids, robots, mutants (lol), time and space, and even parallel worlds.
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I felt like Chrono Cross didnt explain itself very well. I learned more about it by reading online. The game itself is very loose. I thought Chrono Trigger was so much better, better characters, better story, better ideas. I think they should have just named it Radical Dreamers, after its original molding, Giving it the Chrono name really made me expect much more, not just the destroyed remains loosely tied to Crono and the gang. The endless sea, or whatever it is, could have had any 3 random people thrown in there, and FATE could have been any AI in any alternate future. The ties to Chrono Trigger seem forced. If youve ever looked up Chrono Trigger, its a cult classic. The license is so messed up no one can ever get the go ahead, or would ever want to, remake it or actually continue its direct storyline. Some people were making a 3D remake of it like 5 years ago, looked amazing at the time, comparable to dragon quest 8, and Nintendo forced them to stop making it, even though they had no plans of ever charging people or anything for it. Chrono Cross to me was a gimmick to get fanboys and girls of chrono trigger to go out and buy a game by squaresoft. I remember when it came out people were trying to tie magus to one of the characters, and just desperately looking for references and connections.

You should check out Star Ocean 3, IMO the best story in the series, Ill be playing that one again very soon. I burned a copy of Star Ocean 4 for my 360 when it came out and was very very displeased with how generic every last part of it was. anime stereotype heroes, linear save the world attitude, boring and predictable storyline. Star Ocean 3 is better in every way then its sequel, in fact Star Ocean 4 goes back to the time before Star Ocean 1, when Earth was just beginning to go into space. Besides the fact that it looks and plays amazing, Star Ocean 4 is the worst in the series, even its amazing battle system cant save it from the lame and boring storyline.
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