Suikoden 5 crash problem.
Please if anyone has a solution to this problem help will be greatly apreciated.After i get miakis and the scene where gizel tells allenia to remove the rune the next moment on the loading screen the game freezes and this pops out.I tryed enabling cheats to skip but nothing helps.Please can someone tell me what to do i so want to beat this game

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Update pcsx2 first, make sure auto game fixes is on, and disable any speedhacks
also, list your specs and config please
Post the emu log txt .
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and don't load from savestates if you game freezes. It is best to use the ingame-save function.

This is even more important if you change plugin or pcsx settings
I tried loading from the in game mem card i tried disabling and enabling speedhack and gam fixes and it still doesnt work.Im kinda new to this emu stuff my friend instaled it for me but i put everything in the pic that i think your asking.Tell me if you need any other info.I so wana continue playing.Oh one more thing the suikoden 5 is the US version not eu if it matters

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1st things 1st you need to "diagnose" your game disc by running your game disc to your real PS2 if the crushes is actually the-same.
if so then your game disc is corrupted.
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Again post emu log in TXT.
Core i3 9100f 3.6Ghz
nvidia GT 1030
pcsx2 version-1.3.1  

Still surfing with Browser?, Try the pcsx2 forum App !
Also update to at least 1.0.0.
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I dont have a real ps2 thats why im playing on the pc and im not playing on disc im playing on iso.Im sorry i dont know where to find that emu log could you please tell me?And if i update to 1.0.0 will my save data still be there??
You pirated the bios then?
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