Suikoden III Sky Flicker
I keep getting a sky and sometimes ground flicker playing Suikoden III.

So far have tried almost everything I can think of, tried all hacks, no hacks, everything in between, tried all gamefixes and no gamefixes.

Only thing that seems to get rid of it is to go to software rendering, which i would prefer not to do.

Comp is AMD Phe-II x4 BE

2gb ram


using 3876 and otherwise game functions well with no problems, if i run at no limit it will go to about 120fps or so with the hacks.

Right now the flicker seems to come and go rather randomly, most often it happens in fields and only when there is the "halfglobe rotating sky" in the background that is supposed to look like clouds or the sky or some such. Either way, any help would be appreciated, especially if there is some obscure combination of settings used to solve this kind of flicker. Other than that, bang up job on the emulator, graphics are already better than on PS2 and keep improving!


[Image: SuikIII%20sky%20flicker.jpg]

Cant really see that the sky is flickering since its just a pic but the white and blue areas keep randomly flickering on and off. Also notice the black artifact on the horizon left of the char.

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Nothing, no one? No idea on how to fix the sky / ground flickering?
Try the ee timing hack under config>gamefixes. I think it helps a bit.

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