Suikoden III Up-Left directional problems
I'm not sure if this should be posted in bugs or if there is something I'm doing wrong. Sorry bout that.

I have started replaying Suikoden III and for some reason the up and left buttons cannot be used simultaneously. Every other directional combo works in the game, and up left works in other games. By up left i mean that I have set the analog to four buttons and what would be up left doesn't work, yet other diagonals do.

Any advice?

One a side note, the game runs full FPS and I don't have high EE/GS, yet the music plays slowly/glitchy in some places?

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weird. did it work before?

try clearing the key definitions and use different versions of pcsx2

if you tried everything and pressing up and left doesn't work then u have to compensate and u need to be able to rotate the camera 360 degrees to do it

for example say u are walking facing north and u encounter a corridor and the only way you can enter that corridor is if you press up and left. you have to rotate the camera so u face south and now u can enter that same corridor by pressing down and right
yes, that's a long live issue. Once I thought it was the gamepad failing but that issue happens with any gamepad and thru emulator's versions since dinossaur's era Smile

But is an isolated issue I have seen only in that game.
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Thanks, thought that sucks for Suikoden. Are there any work arounds?
(11-23-2012, 09:52 AM)crZyhamSter Wrote: Thanks, thought that sucks for Suikoden. Are there any work arounds?

None that I know, for now. Does not seem to be a plugin problem. That particular game seems to have some idiosyncrasy in how it manipulates the camera and movement that confuses the emulator.
Imagination is where we are truly real
(11-23-2012, 09:52 AM)crZyhamSter Wrote: Thanks, thought that sucks for Suikoden. Are there any work arounds?

I found one that worked for me. While setting up pad 1 ( I am assuming your just using your keyboard). Set Up, Right, Down and left on the LEFT analog stick, as .opposed to tithe RIGHT stick, you could even try setting them on the d-pad instead, as the game utilizes all three for movement.
I want you to know Genso Suikoden III is currently working like an charm over here... so far (BO2 comes to mind atm Angry)

Full speed (thanks to multi core/threaded option), and bidirectional gamepad movements are all pointing N,W,E,S Biggrin

Hey Shazamster,

Have you ever considered to hook an wireless DS3 to your desktop and use Xinput settings ..

I have full DS3 features enabled in pscX2 (Rumble is working aswell Biggrin)

All you need is Motionjoy6 .... have the localized version Rolleyes (no www needed Biggrin) + an Bluetooth Device ... prefferable an 2.1 EDR (Enhanced Data rate up to 3Mbits) is most compatible wit Mjoy

Only thing you might have to do is to add your USB/VID code from your Bluetooth device to the config file before you "CAN" install any drivers in win X64 !

Let me know if your ready to take the journey ... Biggrin

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