Suikoden III with 1.1.0
I have a little simple Question

is the Bug in Hardware mode with the Sepia Effect in 1.1.0 fixed or not ?

My last try was with 0.9.8

The Test is with an older Version. Have Someone testet it with 1.1.0 and hardware mode?

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Why not just download it and try? In the amount of time it took to make this post you could have had the new version installed and tested.

If I had to hazard a guess though, I'd say no. Such effects are generally considered "non-issues" that can't be easily fixed in hardware mode because of how hardware more or less uses a "close enough" approach to visuals and improvements.

You really should view it as software being the "preferred" method to get the most PS2-like visuals. Hardware mode gives you improvements and speed ups at the cost of accuracy.
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