Suikoden Tactics graphics issue.
Hey there, Ive been playing Suikoden Tactics again recently. I have the latest release of pcsx2 and the plugins, using GSDX10. I remember the old issue of the screen being brown, and there was a patch around a few years ago that fixed this issue. I played through the game back then with no problems.

However I've noticed in the new version which I now have, that the brown screen issue is fixed already, but there is a new issue now in battles. Whenever a special skill is used the screen should go dark to show off the effects of the skill being used. However what I've noticed now is that the screen lights up to the point where its almost just white and you cannot tell whats actually happening.

I did some searching through the forums and found many posts about the fmv freezing and the brown screen issue. But nothing about what I have come up against now. Has anyone heard of this issue or knows anything about it?

Thanks in advance.

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