Suikoden V
I'm experiencing really strange lags. My cpu usage is 30-60% while my fps gets down to 40-50 (should be 60) sometimes. It happens most often when it's a movie or many npc on screen. It says suikoden is playable on 0.9.6 version tho but does it change anything if i'm using latest beta?

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What's your PC specs and pcsx2 settings? yeah you can try it in the beta, not warranted to work tho :P
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Well my pc is good enough i believe. I can run budokai tenkaichi 3 without any lags in 2players game.

Geforce 9600GT
Core 2 duo 2.8
4gb Ram (Windows XP 32 so it's like 3.5 or something)

Is there any possible that it's because of slow data reading from iso file? I'll write my settings for a second just can't save now ;p

Ok, seems like I got it. I changed Cdvdrom from Linuz ISO CDDVD 0.6.0 to CDVDnull Driver 0.6.0 and I'm kind of supriced since the graphic which is like twice as good and when I change the location in game it changes much faster. Also I just had the movie and cpu usage was 20-30% + it didn't lag (60 fps all the time). Will play more and check if it was the problem.

The settings of Linuz ISO was Z - compress faster and not enabled option "Enable Block Dump". Dunno if it changes anything just wanted to answer the quetion which could be asked.
Err what? CDVDnull does NOTHING, it's a null plugin as the name says and only used to access the BIOS. Linuz ISO should work fine and fast, if you are running an ISO image file. If you have the ISO mounted on a virtual drive and using a DVD reading plugin, stop doing that. Instead, simply run the ISO image file directly with Linuz ISO
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The various cpu usage readouts aren't giving you the full picture.
The emulator runs as fast as it can, any idle time (in taskmanager) is threads waiting for each other to finish.
The cpu usage you see in the GSdx window is just how much cpu GSdx uses for itself.
Well it's working well now except the fact suikoden just stops in 1 movie and just doesn't want to go further but ofc I know it's prolly not bc of emulator but some kind of error in version of file I downloaded so I just wasted 1 hour setting emulator ;p

Anyway thanks for your replies it really helps solving the problems.

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