Suikoden V FMV crash observations
I was getting ready to post this as a microVU bug but it happens with microVU0 and 1 both off as well.

I am playing through Suikoden 5 again. I know about the FMV crash in the twighlight ruins and after the semi final match at the Sacred games but in the latest beta I have found a few more FMV crashes as well.

I tried all these with no speedhacks and advanced options on default except VU rec clamping set to none. Latest pcsx2 beta 1888 and GSDX 1650 with directX9 hardware mode.

First of all with microVU0 and microVU1 both checked on in the final match of the Sacred games the FMV crashes at the very end right before the load screen if you select the "....." dialogue option for the prince. Same with both of them checked off.

However if you select the dialogue option "Stop!" the cinema plays through normally and the game resumes fine after the cinema.

I also noticed this same thing a little earlier. In a cinema where the princess is complaining if you tell her to tough it out the cinema crashes.

So it seems some of the Suikoden 5 FMV crashes seem to depend on what dialogue choice you pick if there is a dialogue option for the prince in the FMV.

Not really a bug report I don't think but I thought this might be handy for some people to know and maybe help us find a solution to the FMV crashes without having to use the skip FMV patch.

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