Suikoden V : Hanging Issue
Hello to everyone.
I'm having a little problem here. Can someone please help me?
I've been dying to play this game again after some years. But I'm encountering minor hang problem.

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.6 because 0.9.7 crashes for me. I boot the cdvd disc in my cd rom. I got past the KONAMI screen and the 1st FMV/intro. After that, the screen just goes all white and doesn't continue to the NEW GAME and CONTINUE screen . (The Menu Screen) I really can't get past the all white screen here in this laptop.

What could have gone wrong? The game works fine on our other computer but it's really slow because of our computer specs.. It always gets to the menu screen.

And this hanging issue, I'm having this on our laptop.
Can anyone please help me? Here are settings/configurations for our laptop.

[Image: settingsn.jpg]
[Image: 23946184.jpg]

And I almost forgot to mention. When I enable speed hack on our other computer, the fps stays the same. But on this laptop (which has the specs on the images), reaches up to 60 fps.

THANKS so much in advance!

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could you please send the emulog of 0.9.7 ?
Thus we'll see why it crashes
CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
Mobo : Asus PRIME B450-PLUS
GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070
RAM : 16 Go
Here it is.
Before loading the game...
[Image: beforeb.jpg]

after loading the game.. i can't move the black window Sad
[Image: afterg.jpg]

thanks Smile
Did you download the latest beta? Maybe it hangs if you don't have the latest version of DirectX or Visual C++?

As for the problem of the white screen at the menu I remember that problem I had with the game. I remember I started the game and left the room to get some food. When I came back it was a white screen so apparently when I left it at the menu too long the white screen happened. However when I skipped the opening FMV and quickly selected New Game or Continue as soon as possible I was fine.

Edit: Just saw your computer specs and maybe it hangs because you don't have enough RAM?
I see.. as for me, I never get to the Menu where the NEW GAME and CONTINUE is. I never get past that eternal white screen Sad
Yes, I downloaded the latest beta.

Thank you for the help, I'll see about that ^_^ I'll compare the RAM of this laptop with the computer's (where I bypass the hanging white screen).
As for the DirectX and Visual C++.. hmm i don't know how to check.

By the way, are the laptop specs good? (except for the RAM)
You have mounted the game via some disk emulation software, then selected a file ON the disk to be run in PCSX2.
Unmount your game and use the built-in iso selector. Point it to your iso file.

Edit: And btw, the game won't play fast enough on that machine, so don't complain please Wink
Right. I can confirm that (so far anyway, I'm about 6 hours into the PAL version) there isn't any issues at all with this game.

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