Suikoden V config
Tried it before and there's no difference.

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I don't understand this black dot problem you are having...
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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you actually gave 2 different screenshots.
one with an obvious overlay problem, another that looks fine.

could you please make a video so that your problem could be more understandable ?
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Hi, the problem your having is nothing to do with the settings, the intro to suikoden 5 is actually an FMV cut scene and so no fancy effects are added. To get a little a better graphics though use scaling always better than custom res, try at 4x this is just internal res. set anisotropic to 16x and if you like AA enable HW hacks and set msaa 4x. it causes some minor lines through txt windows but for the overall effect it has on this game its worth it in my personal opinion. If its not to your liking you can use the FXAA instead but its CPU heavy rather than GPU and its not as good on the graphics.

Hope that helps a little.

On a side note some posts say use tc offset values they are not needed at all just use the ntsc mode on suikoden launch option. PAL FMV's are bugged on PCSX2

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