Suikoden V doesn't start
When I boot the game, whether through CDVD (fast) or (full), I don't get anything but a black screen. I'm running on the 5186 SVN but I've tried using my old exe (4600) and it doesn't change anything. I've also tried switching the GS plugins and changing the settings around and it doesn't change anything. I don't think it's my specs since I can run other games fine.

Edit: Also, I didn't use speedhacks. I reset most of the settings to try to fix it so most of my settings are on default from the new SVN, except I changed the GS renderer to Direct3D11 (Hardware). I've tried other renderers though.

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Are you trying to run the game from an image or from the actual dvd disc?
[Image: newsig.jpg]
And is it the PAL or the NTSC version?
My PAL one works just fine.
I'm trying to run the game from an image, and it's the NTSC version. I guess I can try using the disc, but it's with my brother right now so I was hoping there was something else I could try.

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