Summoner (PAL-E) Loading Stall
Hi All,

I am experiencing an issue while playing Summoner (PAL-E) [SLEAS-82001] [CED9076A].
Towards the latter stage of the game - the game freezes on a loading screen. 
The loading screen occurs after defeating a boss (Murod Oni if anyone has experienced this before).
The detailed description would be that the boss is defeated - leading to a movie being loaded if I recall correctly.
One thing to note is the stall in the loading seems to occur alongside the notification noise that an enemy has dropped item(s).

Any suggestions on how to resolve? Please let me know if further information can be provided.


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Which version of PCSX2 you are using? Have you checked latest git/older versions to confirm that the bug exists with all versions of PCSX2 or some specific releases? If the bug exists with all versions use the latest git version then make and upload a savestate right before the stall point so I can have a look at this. Also try to attach last memory card save before the stall point.
Hi prafull,

Thanks for the reply - I was running 1.4 - as per
Upon your reply I tried 1.5 - as per leading to

This resolved the issue.

Thanks for the advice.

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