Super Dragonball Z Slow!
I recently Downloaded PCSX2 and I have tried to play Super Dragonball Z but the game is in slow motion. Now I have done a search on the forums and tried setting to match a workable solution to DBZ BT 3 but that doesnt work so does anyone have a solution to this?

Q6600 2.6GHZ quad


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overclocked your cpu but that maby damge it if you not know it
use a lower resolution
Dark King what graphic configuration are you using?

Saiki it didnt work

I should have also mention it says the game is running at 50fps though it appears as slow motion.
Super DBZ is aslow game, I don't think it natively run at 60/50fps I think it's half that, tops
well it still says 50fps.. and the game is running in slow slow slow motion. it isnt natural as you can also hear the sound slow as the graphics come up
so it's a PAL copy? I had the slow audio problem as well, but what sound plugin are you using?
sse4.1 plugin gsdx 962
hardwere direct x 10
texture filtering true
cycle rate X3
enable iop X2
try this combination :
pcsx2 version : 976
-speed hacks : x1.5 cycle rate , INTC Sync Hack ; Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate and WaitCycles Sync hack (you can let this one disabled if you want) and the others disabled
-advanced : all to nearest , none ; enable flush to zero and denormals are zero
-Graphics : GSDX 962 0.1.15 (NLOOP Hack and Texture filtering on grey ; D3D internal res : 1900 x 1400 ; native disabled )

using this settings i play the game at almost full speed (90-95% , when i play it on fullscreen i don't even realize that it isnt' full speed)

My system specs : Intel E2180 Dual-Core @ 2Ghz(not overclocked) ; GeForce 9500GT(512 mb) ; 2GB RAM ; Windows XP SP3(i don't know if this matters Tongue )

i hope i somehow helped you

i have another problem with this game ,at the Z Survivor for example , at the 3rd fight (my character - gohan) after i win , it "freezes" but the character still "moves up and down his body" if you know what i mean , while standing still , when the camera approaches his face , then it does nothing , when the "result" screen is supposed to appear it just doesn't , if you can help me i would be really happy ^^.

btw , i am using the PAL verion of this game.
where do I get gsdx 962 from I only have 890

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