Super Dual Box USB adapter
I use the Super Dual Box USB adapter from Mayflash to connect my Dualshock PS2 joypad to my PC. Sometimes while playing a game using Pcsx2, the emulator crashed - both older SVN releases and 1.0. I noticed that Pcsx2 was crashing only when the force feedback was active (in some racing games when you hit a wall or car, in Smackdown 2011, e.t.c)

The ffdrv1.dll - which is the the USB adapter's force feedback driver - was actually crashing (i have the latest driver version for Win7, but Super Dual Box is quite old hardware).

Instead of turning vibration off on each game i play, i removed the entries from the Lilypad plugin, so even with vibration on the Dualshock acts as a non-force feedback joypad. And it seems that Pcsx2 no longer crashes. So you know what's the problem if you happen to use the same adapter and experience Pcsx2 crashes...

i7 [email protected], P8P67, ASUS HD7870 CUII, 8GB 1600 GSkill, Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit

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