Super Monkey ball Deluxe Multitap config
Im currently running pcsx2 ver 1.6.0, having issues configuring the multitap to play the game mentioned on the subject. Game runs fine, and I was able to play in its default controller plugin configuration. However, when activating the multitap option(s), the game stops recognizing my inputs. Im trying to run this with an 8bitdo controller (xinput), a xbox one controller through its micro usb port, and the keyboard.
So far on my plugin options, I have "Port 1 Multitap" and "Port 2 Multitap" both checked, as well as having "Multitap" 1 and 2 checked on the config tab.
Can I receive some guide on how to configure this?. I already changed plenty of stuff so idk what else is needed to have.

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