Super Robot Taisen Impact - Battle Demo Freezes after executing attack turn
Greetings to the PCSX2 staff

this is my very first thread, and my bug report is this..
it's about Super Robot Taisen Impact, when i play the game, the title screen up to the prologue scenario chat is running fine without lagging or freezing, but when the very first mission starts and I start to attack the enemy, the
battle demo will play, my attack turn will execute in the battle demo, but after that, the enemy won't counter attack, the game just freezes after that,
I've tried every version of pcxs2 but it still produce the same results

oh by the way, I've tried all my super robot taisen collection in your emulator
and they all run just fine even with my pentium 4 dual core cpu and 256 mb video graphics card and 1 gb ram, except for this one

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