Super Robot Wars MX Quick Sound Help.
Hello. Ive been playing MX for now. And ive recently noticed that the ost music in the game is very high. And that also when the characters speak in the game. It sounds really awful. And it has some type of glitch after they speak. Like sorta this for example:
"All the troubles that you've caused, will now end!!!-en-.
Sorta like that. Its really annoying cause it sounds like the voice is being fast-forwarded but its really annoying. I would love for a bit of help to see why its doing this. Thank you.
EDIT-I forgot to say that in game animation. The characters voices are very low. And still do that weird voice all the time like skipping voice audio or something. Im also playing it on Pcsx2 0.9.6. i know its old but i have a vista basic and its the best it can play good with. Good speed and graphics. Just the sound is the only problem with the game.

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PCSX2 settings? plugin settings?

Try with the latest beta:
Try changing the synchronizing mode in SPU2-X to async or timestretch.
Try another sound plugin.
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