Super robot wars impact freezes at the enemy's attack phase
I'm using svn 5219 with default settings, the game always freeze at the enemy's attack phase on battle mode :
[Image: 29xw7ki.png]
When I use zerospu2 plugin game run fine but with annoying sound issue, can anyone fix this ?

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sound work fine with P.E.Ops SPU2 v1.9.0 plugin and In order to avoid echo sounds in map u must play with 60fps the speed hack will do the work, but beware of the increase perset more than 4.
I'm glad that I was able finally to complete my old save game from ps2 to pcsx2 ( with 62 secret missions), playing impact on pc is really a nice feeling....
[Image: oeats.png]
load state will also case freezes at the enemy's attack phase, thanks god that this isn't crash twinsanity
i currently using ZeroSPU w/ no speed hacks in order to work
i never know that peops spu also works.

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