SuperVU vs MicroVU?
I want to know what are the differences between these two recompiler "modes", is SuperVU or MicroVU faster? or more accurate? Also what's the best setting for microVU, enable it for both VU0 and VU1, enable it just for one of the two options?

So far with r1888 microVU is slower than superVU. Is this supposed to change in the future or microVU is a more "accurate" (slower) approach to emulation?? Is microVU supposed to improve speed on quad core systems, on dual core or in general, what is it...

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Good question. I'd like to know more about it too. I hadn't the enough time to test it enough.
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microVU is slower but more compatible. You should usually enable it for both
No speed improvement on quad core etc for microVU
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So basically if you're having compatibility issues it "might" solve these, and you can use it if you have a very good rig. Otherwise, just stick with supervu?

I guess for now i'll settle with supervu then.
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There isn't a huge difference between microVU and superVU. SuperVU is faster, but by only 5-10% in most of the not-necessarily-reliable tests I've done with it.

Generally, I get best results (compatibility and speed) with MicroVU0 turned on, and MicroVU1 turned off... but I've only a handful of PS2 games, so your mileage may vary.
Where is the superVU option?
Disabled microVU means you're using SuperVU, and the difference can be very minimal in speed in some games but in others a bigger one, I try to have microVU enabled all the time unless I need that little extra speed.
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superVU is pcsx2's older VU recompiler coded by zerofrog, whereas microVU is a newer one i coded.

mVU is overall more compatible whereas superVU is faster overall.
there are a very-limited amount of games where superVU is more compatible than mVU, and some games where mVU is faster than sVU (if you use the mVU speedhacks).

i tried to make mVU as fast as possible without impacting compatibility. there are some built-in hacks SuperVU does for speed which mVU does similarly when you enable the mVU flag speedhack.
at that point mVU and sVU are pretty close speedwise, but depends on the game to know which is faster (on average sVU is probably a bit faster).

overall though, processors will just get faster, so compatibility is really what matters in the long run.
if you have a fast CPU that runs games over full speed, then i recommend you just use mVU.
if you have a slower CPU and sVU works for that game correctly, then use it ^^.

here is a list of games we've tested that show differences between mVU and sVU:
  • Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (U): SPS gone.
  • Ace Combat 4 Shattered Skies (J): SPS and missing polygons fixed
  • Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter (U) - Works fine
  • Champions Return to Arms [U]: Can go in-game but many graphic problems, sVU just hangs. Unsure if graphic problems are VU related or not.
  • Dot.hack Infection (U) - Beat the game with mVU, ran perfect except for shadows which is a GSdx bug.
  • Dot.hack Mutation (U) - Beat the game with mVU, ran perfect except for shadows which is a GSdx bug.
  • Dot.hack Outbreak (U) - Beat the game with mVU, ran perfect except for shadows which is a GSdx bug.
  • Dot.hack GU Vol 2 Reminisce (U): Now works perfect at 60fps constant great Laugh (even with clamp to none)
  • Katamari Damacy (U): SPS almost gone (still the occasional line), pretty much playable.
  • Okami (U): Missing textures in distance gone!
  • Okami (E): The textures in the distance are now visible. Before, some were missing.
  • Prince Caspian: Segfaults on getting to the main startup screen on superVU at 0xea001888. Runs fine with microVU.
  • Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones (E): Flashing textures gone with mVU,playable Smile
  • Radiata Stories [U]: The intro/title screen now renders properly.
  • Shinobi (U) - Deformed Character on sVU fixed.
  • Star Ocean 3 [U] - Title Screen renders properly.
  • We Love Katamari (U) - Fixes some sps/garbage that's there with sVU.

  • Dynasty Warriors 4 (U): SPS ingame - Setting VU clamp to none fixes it
  • Dynasty Warriors 5 (U): SPS ingame - Disabling micruVU0 rec fixes it
  • Valkirye Profile 2 Silmeria [U]: When viewing world map, fog/clouds don't behave correctly (sVU works fine). Also "warning, branch in E-Bit/ Branch in delay slot"

hope that helps Tongue
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also saint seiya,naruto accel 2 and dragon ball z infinite world,seems bugged when micro vu is on,both naruto and saint seiya got some missed textures,and dragon ball z too but the characters textures appears to have some kind of shadowing
Oh yeah, another thing that impacts microVU speed is that you usually need to use normal clamp instead of 'none' for some games to show correctly, but again this makes games more compatible even with superVU anyway.
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