On Vista ultimate sp1 x64 i was running FFXII Pal on Pcsx2 9.6 official. Mostly i had 90-100% speed and 55-70% when there are mass battles. But suddenly, i got (error: Superfetch has stoped working). I choosed not to find online solution and just closed the message box and continue to play. The speed was for a few minutes 10% slower, and then boom, it runs full speed all the time. I played for two hours, and the speed was incredible. After closing Pcsx2, superfetch was up again, and my performance were like usuall. What is superfetch and is it realy have some impact on emulator or that was just luck?

AMD 5000+ BE oc 2.9GHz

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Superfetch is improved Prefetch from XP. Basically, you cache your most frequently used applications into any idle memory so that when you do open the applications, the startup time is cut down since it's already partially loaded into memory (which is typically over a hundred times faster than hard drive in terms of read/write speeds). The service runs on a delayed automatic start, and only caches in the background, so it should have no impact upon performance if it's functioning correctly.
This is certainly not PCSX2's fault. Something is messed up in your system for the superfetch service to crash this way...
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I didn't suspect that PCSX is the cause of crash. It was interesting that performance have jumped with no obvious reasons. On my rig fps playing FFXII and Shadow of Colossus were as expected on that CPU, nothing wrong there. When i have little extra time, i will test it with superfetch off and on to try recreating the situation. And yes, i had some idea of superfetch (cashing stuff and so) i was thinking maybe it has something under the hood, or theoretical connection with emulator.

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